Michael Luongo, LPC

Connecticut Licensed Professional Counselor

Michael Luongo, LPC, LLC – Specialities

The course of my career has allowed me to gain extensive experience working with many different types of life problems. I have treated people with various mental health issues, and I have worked with people who have battled chemical dependency. I have enjoyed that work and hope to continue to receive those types of referrals.

That said, I have two areas of interest that I like to feature in my practice:

Chronic Medical Issues

I am interested in receiving referrals having to do with chronic medical issues. When you have learned that you are diagnosed with a chronic and/or serious medical condition, many times you may feel like life has stopped. Often you feel depressed, angry and even hopeless. I have vast experience regarding this issue and I am aware of the difficulties that arise due to a major health diagnosis. Along with the physical difficulties, there are family issues, financial issues and many more issues that effect the patient’s well-being. I will work with clients and coordinate with their doctors to help them stay mentally strong while dealing with their health concerns.

Grief and Loss

The other area that I like to focus my practice on is grief and loss. Grief and loss issues are something that almost all of us have to face at one time or another. It can be painful and can leave people feeling empty and lost. I will help my clients to work through the difficult stages of grief and loss and help them to find hope for the future

For more information about my experience with grief and loss, please feel free to read this article that Associated Content published with me in 2011:

"Self Care During Grief Recovery"




To provide comprehensive counseling services to clients, so that they can discover and achieve their goals.